When Should You Replace Your Fold Rollers?

  • When longer "make ready time" becomes apparent
  • Folding is inconsistent even when rollers are set
  • Paper pull test fails
  • Collars wear uneven

caring for your folding machine rollers

Cleaning Your Rollers

Rollers should be cleaned periodically to remove paper, ink, and debris adhering to the urethane or caught in the knurls. When shopping for a product to clean your rollers, look for a mild water-based cleaner and use a soft lint free cloth or paper towel. Avoid cleaners containing acetone or methyl-chloride or anything that would dry out the urethane.

There is no need to buy special or expensive cleaning materials, but regular cleaning will add life to your rollers, saving you money.

Checking Your Fold Rollers For Wear

To test for roller wear in the parallel section, take three strips of very light-weight paper, about 1" wide.

  1. Insert them between the #1 and #2 rollers, one strip in the center and one strip toward each end of the rollers.
  2. Adjust the roller setting for very light tension, even at both ends.
  3. While turning the handwheel, compare the tension on the center strip with that on the outer strips.
  4. If there is no roller tension at the center, the rollers are in need of recovery.

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