segmented gluing rollers

Segmented Gluing Rollers For MBO

We manufacture segmented gluing rollers for all makes of buckle folding machine folder rollers with the same standards and reliability as the OEM. Our segmented gluing rollers are interchangeable with those made by Stahl, Baum, Vijuk, MBO, Faltex, Shoei, Fold Nak, Nagel, Standard, MBM, Pitney Bowes, Challenger, H&H and more. Please note, however, that our shaft diameters are an English dimension, not metric. Therefore, your segments, if manufactured by another company, may not fit on our shaft. All rollers come with our one year maintenance warranty.


Our glue rollers come with enough segments to equal the full face length of the of roller shaft, providing you with a few extra segments after you space them apart to match the gluing path.

Each movable segment is 1 3/8" in length and has a brass tipped set screw to lock the segment in place.

We also recover segmented gluing rollers (you must send us your shaft) and can supply extra segments as part of your order.

Segmented Gluing Roller Prices and Order Form

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