"After one and a half years, the core exchange rollers for all of our MBO B32s perfection folders are still running fine." -- PPP Corp, Scarborough, ON

"We ordered new MBO B120 (style) rollers a year ago; they are holding up well." -- Agility Press, Jacksonville, FL

"We have installed the [MBO B26-C style] rollers from you...PERFECT! Sounds and runs like a new machine again. Nice Job !! -- Graphic Visions, Gaithersburg, MD

"Our new exchange rollers seem to be a huge difference. Drop a few biz cards in the mail for me." -- Graphic Image Corp, Chicago, IL

"We use the MBO scroll on all the Stahl folders in our banking centers worldwide now." -- Pitney Bowes, Whitestown, IN

"Our T92 Stahl folders run great after refurbishment of the rollers." -- MOR Printing, Tamarac, FL

"We changed all of our Stahl Folders to TH rollers. Run speeds are much faster than they used to be." -- RR Donnelley, San Diego, CA


"We ordered a set of rollers from you and we love them! We love your pricing, and great customer service as well!" -- Twenty-First Century Press, Buffalo, NY

"Thanks for the service. All aspects of supply and delivery went well. The rollers are up and running: great job I have recommended your service and believe you will hear from others from Trinidad." -- Horsham's Print, Trinidad, West Indies

"Thanks for the quick service sending a replacement drive roller overnight after our service guy ordered the wrong one. Our T52 Stahl folder is up and running now and we're recommending your service to our other plant." -- Wells Fargo, IL


"Our change out of over 90 new rollers went well. Thanks again for the on-time delivery." -- Pensacola Christian College, FL

"Thanks so much for getting the parts out so quickly. Having the parts we need is key." -- Lynx Group, Salem, OR

"You supplied the bearings on the shaft as you should have instead of leaving that to the customer. The key would have been nice too. Your guys did a nice job on the roller. It looks good. Thanks again for the fast service." -- First Rate Mailing, Farmingdale, NY


"Their prices are more than double. I would like to get them from you, and can wait if I need to ..." -- Wright Business Graphics, Chino, CA

"I just wanted to thank you and your staff again for the amazing work you do. We installed the "new" rollers and our folder hasn't run this well in years! We spent about $6,000 a few years ago ordering brand new rollers from [the OEM]. We'll never do that again! Hopefully these will last us for a while, but as soon as refurbishing is needed I know who to call!" -- SpectraColor Printing and Design, Wailuku, HI

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