Send us your vacuum wheel for a quick turn-around on recovery. We recondition your MBO vacuum wheel by changing the black feed belt and returning it to "like new" condition. We can work magic on your old vacuum wheels. As long as the steel cores are in good shape, we can recover or exchange your vacuum wheel.


Can't afford downtime? Try our exchange program. Call for availability of the model you need. We send you a recovered vacuum wheel to replace your old MBO vacuum wheel at 30% of the OEM price for new vacuum wheels. Once you receive the sucker vacuum wheel, change it out within the next ten days and return your used vacuum wheel to us. Returned vacuum wheels must be reusable.

Vacuum Wheels For MBO

mbo two hole vacuum wheelmbo three hole vacuum wheel

MBO 2-Hole Vacuum Wheel

MBO 3-Hole Vacuum Wheel

These MBO vacuum wheels (at right) had heavily deteriorated and/or cracked urethane, but the metal cores were in good shape. We can recover or exchange your vacuum wheel as long as the metal core is undamaged.

MBO Vacuum Wheel Recovery and Exchange
Pricing and Order Form

damaged mbo vacuum wheeldamaged mbo three hole vacuum wheel

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